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Ondrej Barcak portfolio about contact

Welcome to Barcak Design.

I designed and developed this site to showcase my graphic and web design work.

Everything on this site is designed by me unless specified otherwise.
The artwork is organized into a couple of sections for easier, more specified viewing.


Print Section.

Here you can see my work created for high quality print using CMYK color space converted to RGB for the purposes of this website. Examples of posters, business cards, magazines, brochures etc. can be found here.

Web Section.

In this section of my portfolio you'll find web sites I created as well as banners and various materials for RGB color space.

Packaging Section.

Consist of work samples varying from product packaging to book covers.

Identity Section.

Is focused on logo creation and branding.

Signage section.

Mostly straight forward few color designs suitable for signage purposes are presented in this section. The work includes window graphic, store front layouts, banners, sandwich boards and informative signs.

Copyright © Ondrej Barcak 2009. All rights reserved.